Domain Literacy

This domain began as an investigating into the "fake news" conversation around the 2016 Presidential election. As with each area where technology is impacting our lives, I wanted to better understand what was going on before I opened my mouth and shared an opinion. After a couple weeks of wading through 300+ "fake news" domain, and studying the approach, tools, and services employed within this alternative universe, I came to the conclusion that I was not interested in being an arbiter of truth, and would be seriously outgunned when it came to compute capacity than many of the players in this alt-universe

After reaching this point with my research I shifted my focus to be more about domain literacy. Do not confuse this with other information and digital literacy efforts. I am looking to help people understand where they are operating on the Internet, as well as learn to operate their own domain. I am not looking to educate folks about what is good and bad on the Internet, or right or wrong, true or false. I am just looking to help folks learn there are many different interests who operate on the Internet, and that they can be one of those interests, as well as pick and choose which domains they support and operate within.

As with all of my research, this is an evolving area of my work. As I have time I will be publishing my thoughts, and what I learn here. From time to time I will stop and organize and polish my thoughts on the subject. Currently, I'm focusing on my definition what I mean when I say domain literacy, as well as hoping to quantify some of the benefits of domain literacy. I will be publishing all my thoughts here within this Github repository and website, and rewriting this home page as a doorway to this work when it makes sense.

Stay up to date using the updates page, and if you want to get involved in this work, you can leave your thoughts on the comments / issues for the project. This is an independent project of Kin Lane, the API Evangelist.