Pulling News and Propaganda

Similar to what Mike Caulfield looked at in his look at the news vs. fake news, I wanted to try and define what is propaganda by comparing it to what regular news outlets were publishing. I put together a list of over 50 "fake news" sites, and around 20 of the leading news sites. In my work I am not looking to algorithmically define fake news vs real news, I am just trying to establish a fingerprint of the domains behind each of these "news" outlets.

I setup a server, running a script that slowly pulls the URLs from the 70 domains I've targeted. Each page it pulls, it parses all links available on the page, adds them to a database, and repeats the process over and over. I do not pull any external links that exist outside each of the targeted domain, just focusing on the outline, structure, and content of each of the news and propaganda sites included.

In an effort to not behave like a denial of service attack, I only pull and process a URL each 5 minutes. I repeat this for all URLs targeted 24 hours a day. Some of the websites have just a couple hundred pages, but others are already in the 20 to 50K range and growing. I'll keep pulling URLs, adding new URLs, and scaling the compute and storage capacity as needed, and as I can afford. 

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